Necessity is truly the mother of invention, and moms-in-need are truly inventive.

ProdigyrlsWhen Dr. Wiggins went shopping for dolls for her little girl, she was doubly disappointed by the choices. First, she was surprised by the lack of dolls "of color." Most dolls on the market were modeled after Caucasians and did not represent her own heritage as an African-American. Those that did have dark skin appeared to be nothing more than darker versions of the “white” dolls, lacking realistic features that would reflect her own image. Second, many of the most popular dolls on the market were branded with names and personas that were out of touch with the values that most parents want to instill. Rather than being focused on high levels of self worth, the importance of education, and the sanctity of a strong family, many of the dolls exemplified the worst traits in modern society. From wearing inappropriate clothing to using inappropriate language, the dolls did not conform with her dreams for her young daughter.

So she took matters into her own hands. The result is the ever-growing collection of Prodigyrls, educational dolls that reflect the Talent and Beauty of African-American Girls. The goal of parent company PRODIGYRLS LLC, named by combining Prodigy + Girls, is to create fun dolls that inspire girls to dream.

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